As LEAs work to refine and enhance practices and processes for providing services to students with disabilities, they will need to review and analyze data. While there are many possible sources for data, this page will provide supports for accessing EC data through CECAS and CEDARS.

A data profile for each LEA is posted on CECAS each year here:

The following videos provide step-by-step guidance for accessing disaggregated data in CECAS and CEDARS.

Accessing Reports in CECAS

Transcript for Accessing Reports in CECAS video

Accessing Reports in CEDARS

Transcript for Accessing Reports in CEDARS video

Did you know?

Powerschool has an At Risk Dashboard

This feature is accessible from the Dashboard link on the Start Page. It allows you to see a data visualization displaying counts of students that are at various risk levels for the current term and allows users to drill down to a list of those students.

At Risk Dashboard.png

You can access parent and student Powerschool login data

In Powerschool, pull up a student or cohort of students with a data pull (use criteria in search such as EC). Scroll down to click on 'Net Access' under Administration.
pwrschl parent access.PNG

For additional assistance with accessing data, please contact

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