What is Initial Implementation?
At this phase:
  • training for the first implementers has been completed and they are working through using new knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • the system is under pressure to accommodate change
  • support and celebration of progress is critical to maintaining motivation
  • effective communication loops support quick responses to unanticipated challenges
Initial Implementation Resources

How does Initial Implementation fit with the other stages?

Implementation Stages Overview

Initial Implementation Presentation
(updated with MTSS example 3/7/16)


Wake MTSS Resources

Year 1 Cohort 2 Overview

MTSS Team Member Roles and Skills
MTSS Parent Brochure
MTSS Coach Plan
MTSS Coach Feedback Survey

Initial Implementation Activity

Coaching System Checklist

adapted from Coaching System Development Worksheet and Coaching Service Delivery Plan both from NIRN/SISEP


Alicia Miller, Senior Administrator for MTSS, Wake County Public School System
Jami Graham, Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Consultant and State Implementation Team member, NCDPI
Laura Winter, MTSS Consultant and State Implementation Team member, NCDPI
Heather Reynolds, State Implementation Specialist and Data Analyst

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