Big Ideas

Acquire/repurpose the resources needed to do the work ahead and create the necessary infrastructure and systems to support the implementation.

Key Functions:

  • Identify organizational and structural changes needed
  • Select the first practitioners (i.e., small number of practitioners, the people receiving the coaching)
  • Develop training & coaching plan
  • Begin first cohort (deliver coach PD)
  • Evaluate readiness of data systems
  • Establish communication links and protocols

Installation Presentations

EC Institute (March 2016)

Downloadable Version of Installation Resources

Stages of Implementation Analysis for Education by NIRN/SISEP

Area of Focus: Communication and Visibility

Area of Focus
Establish Communication Protocols and feedback loops
Communication and Visibility
  • Identify audiences (e.g., family/parent groups, professional organizations, faculty/staff, leadership, implementation teams, community at large) who need to understand and support the practices
  • Determine the information, format, etc. that is appropriate for each audience
  • Design ways for audiences to communicate barriers and challenges as they are identified
  • Develop procedures for creating responses
Communicate the components and features of new practice(s)
Communication and Visibility
Use established protocols to provide information to identified audiences in formats determined
Use information from documentation related to the usable intervention: practice profile, goals, purpose, terms of reference, etc.

Area of Focus: Professional Development

Area of Focus
Developing communication pathways
Staff use pathways to report PD needs, logistics of training, training evaluation results and next steps.
Communication Plan
Developing practitioner competency
Training, coaching, and data systems are conceptualized, created, or purchased. It also means those expected to implement the new program or practices receive the training and support needed. Well prepared teachers are more likely to feel confident and to be able to implement new programs and practices with fidelity.
Training Plan Template

Implementation Action Plan

Ensuring financial and human resources are in place
  • Highly qualified facilitators/trainers are selected to deliver the PD per the identified needs
  • Determine service delivery model and scheduling, as well as other logistics
  • A plan is in place for insuring the quality and consistency of the PD
  • Analyses around the sustainability of PD and coaching is completed
  • Determine budget for PD
Installation Stage
Acquisition of space, time, materials, equipment and technology
The workgroup should determine how the PD will be delivered, the time to be allotted for the training and if needed space, equipment and technology is available.
Training Plan Template

Area of Focus: Technical Assistance and Coaching

Area of Focus
Identify organizational and structural changes needed
TA and Coaching

Fay slide 15- Active Implementation Frameworks(cw)feedback/comunication loop clearly defined and followed at the end each step
Create Coach PD
TA and Coaching
Include feedback on PD
Inventory of Coaching Resources within DPI & External:

NIRN Education Training Plan Template
Create Coaching Service Delivery Plan
TA and Coaching
Coaching Service Delivery Plan provides a proactive approach to purposeful and supportive coaching
AI Modules Activity Competency Driver Mapping

//Coaching Service Delivery Plan//

Review Scaling-Up Brief #6: Creating Meaningful Change in Education: Cascading Logic Model
Select Coaches
TA and Coaching
Use Selection Criteria and Recruitment plan to select Coaches.
Recruitment Process and Selection Criteria (Job Description)
Deliver Coach PD
TA and Coaching
  • Train and begin coaching Coaches.
  • Pilot coaching & technical assistance tools.
  • Begin coaching system evaluation- build background on coaching and performance assessment
Coaching Development Worksheet:

Coaching Service Delivery Plan:
NIRN Education Coaching Service Delivery Template
Evaluate readiness of data systems
TA and Coaching
Complete an inventory coaching & technical assistance related data.

use a (PSM or Rapid improvement Cycle to evaluate our work)

Area of Focus: Research and Evaluation

Area of Focus
Set up a data system that evaluates implementation and outcomes
Research and Evaluation
  • How will we install the necessary data system to evaluate implementation and outcomes for the innovation?
  • How will it be analyzed and aggregated?
  • How will it be shared?
  • Who has access at various levels?
  • Data decision rules
  • Data protocols for missing or suspicious data
How to develop a fidelity measure for the innovation:

This can be integrated with the work from UNC-Charlotte.
Evaluation system for coaches
Research and Evaluation
How will we evaluate coach work?
System for tracking activity of coaches
Data pieces to evaluate effectiveness
Identifying the critical components
Research and Evaluation
What are the critical components and what is the standard of implementation for each one?
Accountability structure
Research and Evaluation
Do we have a system of accountability to our stakeholders that the innovation is delivering the desired results?
NOTE: Transparency and data systems: accountability to stakeholders, communication with stakeholders about what is being collected and why? Use communication protocol and TOR for this?
Fidelity assessment
Research and Evaluation
Develop a generic fidelity assessment. for implementation of any innovation

Make sure to include teaming structures, communication protocol (practice profile?)
Teaming structures
Research and Evaluation
Assess effectiveness of current teaming structures to meet implementation needs

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