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The Exceptional Children Division (ECD) is committed to improving outcomes for students with disabilities by:

  • Providing customized support to LEAs.

  • Building LEA capacity to sustain best practices.

  • Building stronger relationships, problem-solving, and making decisions collaboratively with stakeholders.

  • Implementing an effective general supervision system.

As part of this vision and the ECD's Results Driven Accountability (RDA) work, the ECD has developed an LEA Self-Assessment process. The purpose of the LEA Self-Assessment is to support LEA, regional, and state data analysis and planning to enhance current practice and improve student outcomes. The process will also bridge improvement efforts driven by State Board of Education goals, Agency Initiatives, OSEP requirements and ECD Strategic Vision.

The process is:

LEA Self-Assessment.png

Commonly Accessed Resources:

April 4th Directors' and Coordinators' Webinar:Using the LEA Self-Assessment Update within a Formal Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Improvement Cycle

April 4th Directors' and Coordinators' Webinar Transcript

LEA Self-Assessment (Version 4 - updated 7/30/15): To be used for New Charter Schools in 2016-17.

LEA Self-Assessment Introductory Webinar

LEA Self-Assessment Introductory Webinar Transcript

For questions about the LEA Self-Assessment, please contact:

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