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What is the State Implementation Team?

The State Implementation Team (SIT) is a key implementation structure for building state capacity to align systems and policies to scale up evidence-based practices. The SIT builds, supports, and sustains the capacity of the Regional Implementation Teams (RIT) who work with school districts to install implementation infrastructure. The SIT also facilitates communication among and between LEAs, RITs, and the MTSS Leadership and Policy Team.

Purpose of the SIT

The purpose of the SIT is to develop an implementation infrastructure that will support implementation of innovations state-wide.


The vision of the NC SIT is to purposefully use implementation science and practice to successfully install and sustain evidence-based practices. Our constant focus will be on improving educational outcomes for all students.


The mission of the SIT is to design an implementation framework for all stakeholders to critically evaluate their resources, practices, and research to maximize learning for all students. This will be accomplished by developing a system that will:
  • Conduct data collection and evaluation on a regular basis
  • Provide ongoing professional development and support
  • Ensure continuous, effective communication among all stakeholders

SIT Workspace Pages:

Communication and Visibility Workgroup
Professional Development Workgroup
Research and Evaluation Workgroup
Technical Assistance and Coaching Workgroup

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